11875240_10206394599977074_2800581114890372861_oHi, I’m Emma. I’m what the lifestyle columnists refer to as a “slashie”: small business owner/sports coach/(very)amateur athlete/lapsed writer. I’ve also been a barista (not a very good one – I would have burnt your coffee) and a student paramedic (I like to think I was a bit better at that). So, basically, I’m good in a crisis, but have a very short attention span and no superannuation.

Anyway, this is my attempt to record for posterity all I’ve written over the past few years about women in adventure sports, plus some new stuff when I get around to it. What you’ll find (once I’ve uploaded everything) is a collection of features, race reports, opinions, occasional rants, and profiles of cool adventurous women I know and admire. Some stories have been published in magazines, others are new and simply can’t find a home thanks to the demise of print media in general, and dearth of Australian adventure mags in particular, especially those that pay more than just lip service to the female experience. See, I’m ranting already.

(Although, the great news is there’s a new Australian women’s adventure mag fresh on the scene called Travel, Play, Live – check it out!)

What else? Well, obviously I love adventure sports – especially mountain biking, kayaking and adventure racing. Basically anything that allows me to “play outside” like I did in the good old days before boobs and Dolly Magazine, when I didn’t give a shit. If you haven’t played outside lately, then just forget about this blog altogether, step away from the screen, and get out there. It’s more important.

(Shameless Plug Alert: If you live in Melbourne and need some tips to get started, give Peak Adventure a bell.)